Zig Zag Stair carpet

Carpet in Bexley!- A Zig Zag showstopper from Hugh Mackay’s

Carpet in Bexley! Dare to be different? Choose from an almost endless range of colors, styles and textures to meet all tastes and budgets.


I absolutely loved this zig zag by Hugh Mackay the first time I saw it.
We  fitted this carpet in Bexley a few months ago now.
The customer was suitably impressed when she returned from work by the striking colour scheme.
Over the years I have helped many customer choose their carpet, but this one really stood out to me.
I love it when customers are brave enough to go for my suggestions and this carpet in Bexley really is a show stopper!
The reason I’m re-posting this is to show how you can be different with stairs by just using a bold, colourful carpet. This was fitted in a beautiful Victorian house.
My client wanted something bold, without the crazy price tag some of the designer carpets can cost.
Runners are still very popular but some people shy away from a runner, because either their staircase is in poor condition so they dont want to expose the tread or they dont want the extra dusting a runner can cause.
So, what a fantastic way to liven up your entrance, after all, this is the first impression of your home. 
Why not check out Hugh Mackay’s website for more crazy ideas.
Zig Zag Stair carpet
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